2019 Saskatchewan Golf Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

In 2019, three inductees will join the Saskatchewan Golf Hall of Fame (click the link to view their biographies):

  1. Gary Brandon (Distinguished Service) (2019) – Bio
  2. Dr. Randy Gilewich (Player) (2019) – Bio
  3. Tyler Wright (Distinguished Service) (2019) – Bio

Write up can be viewed here:

Tickets are available for purchase by clicking here:

  • Location: Riverside Country Club, Saskatoon
  • Date: Sat Sept 21, 2019
  • Time 6:00 PM cocktails – Dinner and program to follow
  • More details to follow.


Nomination Information

The Saskatchewan Golf Hall of Fame is dedicated to the recognition of extraordinary contributions and accomplishments in the game of golf in Saskatchewan. The purpose is to provide role models and icons for upcoming generations of golfers in Saskatchewan while setting standards for them to aspire to. Honoured members, including amateur and professional golfers and builders of the sport, will be inducted annually starting in 2010.

*note: the SGHF reserves the right not to induct a nominee(s) in a given year.

A committee comprised of representatives from Golf Saskatchewan (Golf Sask), the Canadian Professional Golfer’s Association of Saskatchewan (PGA of SK), the Saskatchewan Turfgrass Association (STA) and individuals appointed by the presidents of the three organizations or their designates is responsible for reviewing nominations and selecting inductees.

Once elected to the Hall of Fame, nominees are officially inducted at a special ceremony by the Saskatchewan Golf Hall of Fame. The honoured member’s portrait is then enshrined at the Golf Saskatchewan office and available for viewing on the Golf Saskatchewan website.

Deadline for nominations is June 15th of the calendar year.

SGHF Committee

The Saskatchewan Golf Hall of Fame Committee consists of:

  1. Joe Bloski, Sask Turf
  2. Pat Buglass
  3. Murray Eddy
  4. Byron Harvie, Chair of the SGHF
  5. Rob Lee, PGA of Saskatchewan
  6. Doug Mader
  7. Terry Meier
  8. Keith Rever
  9. Joe Trudelle
  10. Brian Lee, Secretary
  11. New member to be announced shortly

Player Inductee Category

  1. Be an adult, male or female, of any race, colour or creed, not necessarily living at the time of consideration;
  2. Be at least, 40 years of age (unless already deceased) at the time of consideration;
  3. Be a resident, or former resident with substantial connections to Saskatchewan;
  4. Be an amateur or professional golfer during the period of accomplishments; and
  5. Be a person who has brought recognition to Saskatchewan primarily through excellence in golf championship play at the international, national, regional, and/or provincial level.

Distinguished Service

  1. Be an adult, male or female, of any race, colour or creed, not necessarily living at the time of consideration;
  2. Have resided and provided a minimum of 10 years of distinguished service in Saskatchewan when the majority of extraordinary contributions to golf were made;
  3. Have made a significant contribution to golf in Saskatchewan. However, service to other national, regional, provincial, state or local golf associations may be taken into account;
  4. Be selfless and have devoted service “Above and beyond the call of duty.”

Team Inductions

For teams to be considered for induction:

  1. Provincial Teams who win or have won a National/International  Championship conducted by Golf Canada or the like.


2019 – The ninth SGHF Induction Ceremony will take place at the Riverside Country Club, Saskatoon, SK on Saturday Sept 21, 2019. Ticket are available here.

2018 – The eighth SGHF Induction Ceremony was held at the Royal Regina GC, Regina SK, on Saturday September 22nd, 2018. 104 people were in attendance.

2017 – The seventh SGHF Induction Ceremony was held at the Riverside Country Club, Saskatoon SK, on Saturday September 23rd, 2017.
127 people were in attendance.

2016 – The sixth SGHF Induction Ceremony was held at the Riverside Country Club, Saskatoon SK, on Saturday September 24th, 2016.
66 people were in attendance.

2015 – The fifth SGHF Induction Ceremony was held at the Riverside Country Club, Saskatoon SK, on Saturday September 26th, 2015.

2014 – The SGHF Induction Ceremony was not held and has been postponed until 2015.

2013 – The fourth SGHF Induction Ceremony was held at the Riverside Country Club, Saskatoon SK., on September 28, 2013. The induction class included 3 players and 1 distinguished service award.

2012 – The third SGHF Induction Ceremony was held at the Riverside Country Club, Saskatoon SK.

2011 – The second SGHF Induction Ceremony was held at the Wascana Country Club, Regina, SK., on October 1st, 2011.

2010 – The first induction ceremony for the Saskatchewan Golf Hall of Fame (SGHF) took place, September 18th, 2010 at the Willows Golf & Country Club in Saskatoon. The SGHF event included a golf fundraiser, silent auction, banquet and induction ceremony. The golf tournament included two hole-in-one prizes for vehicles and many golf courses/suppliers who supported hole sponsorship. The evening included the induction of 19 individuals into the inaugural SGHF.

2009-2010 – The final planning stage was completed and was voted on by the three founding organizations to begin the Saskatchewan Golf Hall of Fame (Saskatchewan Golf Association, Saskatchewan Turf-grass Association and the Canadian Professional Golf Association of Saskatchewan).

SGHF Inductees

  1. Brian Bamford (Player) (2015) – Bio
  2. Gayle Borthwick (Player) (2010) – Bio
  3. Lorie Boyle (Player) (2017) – Bio
  4. Dean Brown (Player) (2018) – Bio
  5. Don Campbell (Distinguished Service) (2012) – Bio
  6. Colin Coben (Player) (2012) – Bio
  7. Wenda Coley (Distinguished Service) (2012) – Bio
  8. Hubert Cooke (Distinguished Service) (2010) – Bio
  9. Peter Cushner (Distinguished Service & Player) (2017) – Bio
  10. Barbara Danaher (Player) (2010) – Bio
  11. Ron Dosdall (Player) (2013) – Bio
  12. Margaret Elliott (Player) (2010) – Bio
  13. Pat Fletcher (Player) (2010) – Bio
  14. Frank Fowler (Player) (2010) – Bio
  15. John Gaudet (Distinguished Service) (2015) – Bio
  16. Joanne Goulet (Player) (2010) – Bio
  17. Con Hammer (Distinguished Service) (2015) – Bio
  18. Nancy Harvey (Player) (2010) – Bio
  19. Stan Homenuik (Player) (2015) – Bio
  20. Wilf Homenuik (Player) (2010) – Bio
  21. Otto Huber (Player) (2018) – Bio
  22. Bud Johns (Distinguished Service) (2015) – Bio
  23. Danny Jutras (Distinguished Service) (2011) – Bio
  24. Dana Kidd (Player) (2016) – Bio
  25. Alex Kozakavich (Distinguished Service) (2010) – Bio
  26. Scott Knapp (Player) (2012) – Bio
  27. Pat Lawson (Player) (2011) – Bio
  28. Dr. Jack Leddy (Distinguished Service) (2010) – Bio
  29. Phillip Lederhouse (Player) (2010) – Bio
  30. Doug Mader (Player) (2011) – Bio
  31. Jeff Makohon (Player) (2013) – Bio
  32. Jack McDonald (Distinguished Service) (2013) – Bio
  33. Kirk McGregor (Player) (2018) – Bio
  34. Tom McNall (Player) (2017) – Bio
  35. Terry Meier (Distinguished Service) (2011) – Bio
  36. William “Bill” Newis (Builder – Distinguished Service) (2016) – Bio
  37. Mabel Palko (Player) (2016) – Bio
  38. Arne Petersen (Builder – Distinguished Service) – Bio
  39. Dr. Robert Reid (Player) (2010) – Bio
  40. Keith Rever (Player/Distinguished Service) (2010) – Bio
  41. Ed Ross (Player) (2012) – Bio
  42. Tom Ross (Player) (2010) – Bio
  43. Jim Scissons (Player) (2010) – Bio
  44. Peter Semko (Distinguished Service) (2010) – Bio
  45. Ron Stewart (Player) (2013) – Bio
  46. Geri Street (Player) (2010) – Bio
  47. Bill Taylor (Distinguished Service) (2010) – Bio
  48. Bill Turnbull (Distinguished Service) (2012) – Bio
  49. Bill Wallace (Distinguished Service) (2011) – Bio
  50. Barb Wilson (Player) (2015) – Bio

Team Inductees

  1. 1964 Willingdon Cup Amateur Men’s Team (Team) (2016) – Bio
  2. 1964 Pepsi Cup Junior Men’s Team (Team) (2017) – Bio
  3. 1985 & 1990 Senior Women’s Teams (2018) – Bio