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Golf Saskatchewan 
510 Cynthia Street
Saskatoon, SK CANADA
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  • Telephone General Inquiries 1-306-975-0850
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  • FAX: 1-306-975-0840

Staff Directory:

  • Brian Lee, Executive Director / CEO, Tel: 1-306-975-0841
  • Candace Dunham Manager of Member Services, Tel: 1-306-975-0850
  • Steve Ryde, Manager of Sport & Championships, Tel: 1-306-975-0834
  • Clark Stork, Director of Communications, Tel: 1-306-521-2559

Who we are

We assist members love the game by:

  • Building pride in “belonging” to Saskatchewan and Canada’s largest golf community
  • Providing a provincial voice for golf in Saskatchewan as the governing body of amateur golf in Saskatchewan
  • Providing grassroots programs introducing golf to children and enthusiasts of all ages
  • Providing the curriculum for Saskatchewan’s junior competitive pathway
  • Creating future golf citizens through the implementation of junior golf programs
  • Providing opportunities to golfers to take their game to the next level through player development opportunities
  • Investing in and conducting all provincial amateur championships for junior, amateur, mid-amateur and senior golfers
  • Offering Golf Saskatchewan/Golf Canada memberships including an official handicap factor, home delivery of Golf Canada magazine and an array of other benefits
  • Protecting equitable competition as well as the integrity and self-regulating nature of our sport through the administration and implementation of handicapping, the Golf Canada Score Centre, course rating, amateur status and the Rules of Golf
  • Preserving the history of the game and celebrating our successes through the Saskatchewan Golf Hall of Fame

We help to grow the game by:

  • Implementing junior golf programs such as Golf in Schools and the Future Links as these programs introduce the game to tens of thousands of children at the grassroots level
  • Getting golf clubs into the hands of juniors, we teach values such as honesty, integrity and fellowship, while helping to build the next generation of avid and passionate golfers
  • Reinvesting the money we collect through membership dues, funding, participant fees and sponsorship into golf programs and services
  • Supporting golfer’s academics and commitment to golf through SAGE scholarships
  • Assist our athletes compete at National competitions with our Athlete Assistance Grants

Board of Directors

Golf Saskatchewan is governed by a volunteer board of directors who are elected for three year terms at the annual general meeting. Once elected, the board then elects its president, vice-president and a treasurer. The provincial council representative acts on the province’s behalf at the national level. The executive director of Golf Saskatchewan is a non-voting member of the board.

Delbert Betnar


Member Club: Joanne Goulet Golf Club

Hometown: Regina

District: 2

Don Kunkel

Vice President

Member Club: Deer Park Municipal GC

Hometown: Yorkton

District: 4

Todd Bergstresser


Member Club: Golf Sask. Public Player

Hometown: Saskatoon

District: 6

Kevin Duchscherer


Member Club: Evergreen Golf Course

Hometown: Nipawin

District: 7


Ben Findlay


Member Club: Wascana Country Club

Hometown: Regina

District: 2

Jasmine Cameron


Member Club: Hillcrest Golf Club

;Hometown: Moose Jaw

District: 5


Larry Wagman


Member Club: Royal Regina Golf Club

Hometown: Regina

District: 2

Danny Klughart


Member Club: Cooke Municipal GC

Hometown: Price Albert

District: 8

Diana Kerr


Member Club: Tor Hill GC

Hometown: Regina

District: 2

Richard Smith 

Golf Canada Governor (Ex officio member)

Member Club: Katepwa Beach GC

Hometown: Katepwa

District: 4

Chair of Course Rating & Handicapping

Historical list of Golf Saskatchewan Presidents

  • To view the list of past presidents click here.


The work of Golf Saskatchewan is carried out by five full time staff members and two summer interns with the assistance of a group of volunteers who work under the guidance of the Golf Saskatchewan staff.

Golf Saskatchewan office is located in the John Remai Centre in Saskatoon, 510 Cynthia Street. To contact any of the Board members please call the Golf Saskatchewan office at 306-975-0850.

Brian Lee

Executive Director / CEO

Member Club: Golf Sask. Public Player

Hometown: Saskatoon

District: 6

Email: brian

Candace Dunham

Manager of Member Services

Member Club: Golf SK Public Player

Hometown: Saskatoon

District: 6

Email: candace


Steve Ryde

Manager of Sport Development | Championships

Member Club: Public Player, PGA of CAN/SK member

Hometown: Saskatoon

District: 6

Email: steve


Clark Stork

Director of Communications

Member Club: Public Player

Hometown: Humboldt

District: 5

Email: clark

Tyler Buffalo

Summer intern

Member Club: Public Player

Hometown: Saskatoon

District: 6

Email: tyler

Griffin MacLeod

Summer intern

Member Club: Public Player

Hometown: Saskatoon

District: 6

Email: griffin

Strategic Plan & Financials

Bylaws & Policies


Expense Forms:

Mission, Vision Values


  • A nation playing golf.


  • We shape lives by leading, creating and promoting positive golf experiences.


Values provide us guidance in everything we do and exemplify the high level of professionalism represented by all members of our organization. We are committed to the following values:

  • Accountable – we are accountable, engaged and committed to our actions
  • Have Fun – we are a fun and energetic organization
  • Passion – we share the incredible passion for golf with Saskatchewanians
  • Respect – we demonstrate respect and integrity in everything we do
  • United – we work as a united team with the goal towards a united golf industry


Golf House Saskatchewan


Golf Saskatchewan (GS) is the new consumer facing brand owned by the Saskatchewan Golf Association (SGA).  Golf Saskatchewan’s logo and name were approved at the Annual General Meeting on April 16, 2011 at the Royal Regina Golf Club, Regina, SK.

The SGA as it is now organized was officially incorporated for business on April 12, 1999, but it was formed on January 1, 1999 through the amalgamation of the former Saskatchewan Golf Association (an all-male organization) and the Canadian Ladies’ Golf Association (CLGA) Saskatchewan Branch.

The SGA represented the first provincial amalgamation of men’s and women’s golf associations in Canada. The SGA amalgamation has since been followed by Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba. The previous SGA and CLGA-Saskatchewan organizations were formed in 1913 and 1926 respectively.

The SGA’s mandate is to represent all golfers in Saskatchewan in an equitable manner. Through affiliation with the RCGA (and the former CLGA), it is the governing body for amateur golf in Saskatchewan.

“The story of golf in Saskatchewan began with a meeting to organize the Regina Golf Club in the law office of Hamilton and Robson on Saturday, March 21, 1896. According to the Regina Leader, Jack Harrison came in from Pense to explain the game and how to establish a golf club.

“Regina’s first golf was played north of the Wascana Creek, approximately where Angus and Leopold Crescents are today. The area was owned by the Canada North-West Land Company, which had allowed the property to be used as a sports ground since the beginning of the city.

“The first Saskatchewan amateur championship was held at this original location of the Regina Golf Club starting Thursday October 1, 1908.”

–Excerpts from Ninety Years of Golf, by Mickey Boyle

“Most of Saskatchewan’s early golf courses…were of more modest design. One of the organizers of Regina’s two golf courses wrote a book entitled Mystery of Golf, in which he describes a typical prairie course: ‘Clubhouse there is none: you throw your covert coat and your hat over a fence and play. There are no greens, there are no flags; the player more familiar with the ground goes ahead and gives you the line. The teeing grounds are marked by the spots where the soil has been scraped by the boot for the wherewithal for tees. Bunkers abound, and bad lies in the form of hoof marks and cart ruts do much more abound. Sheep and kine roam over them at will.’

“It is hard to document exactly what part women played in the earliest years at the newly established golf clubs. …There are brief mentions of women participating in some of the activities.

“By 1912 the women at the two Regina clubs had started to organize competitions. In September the Wascana held a tournament in which two women played against the men in an open event, and nineteen took part in a nine-hole women’s handicap competition.”

–Excerpts from Breaking 100, A Century of Women’s Golf in Saskatchewan, by Sandra Bingaman

To purchase your copy of Breaking 100, A Century of Women’s Golf in Saskatchewan please contact our office at (306) 975-0850 or email us.