Competition Policies

By registering to play in our sanctioned event, participants agree to the following policies (a Notice to Players):

  1. Code of Conduct for Juniors
    • A junior playing in an Amateur aged event she/he must adhere to most items in the Junior Code of Conduct.
    • Exceptions may include Caddie or power cart transportation, if eligible.
  2. Code of Conduct for Amateurs
  3. Transportation Notice:
    • In events where players are allowed to ride power carts, the groups are only allowed 2 power-carts per group. * The Tournament Committee will review each event and put a Local Rule in effect. A group must not have more than 2 or is subject to the General Penalty of the Local Rules.
    • Events which power carts can be used:
      • Amateur Women’s
      • Senior Women’s
      • Senior Men’s
      • Mid-Master Men’s (40+)
      • Women’s Rosebowl
      • Mixed Team
  4. Pace of Play,
  5. Standard Local Rules (Hard Card),
  6. Spectator and Parent Code of Conduct,
  7. Dress Code including Foot-ware,
  8. Cancellation Policy,
  9. Tie Breaking Procedure(s)


  1. Rules are governed by the most current Golf Canada Rules of Golf including Amateur Status including the most current Golf Canada Rules of Golf and Interpretations, and
  2. the Supplementary Local Rules for the championship (location specific).

In addition to the above mentioned documents are the following conditions of competition:

  1. By entering a Golf Saskatchewan championship, the participant allows Golf Saskatchewan to take picture(s) and/or video(s) of the participant for marketing/promotional materials.
  2. All competitors must have a GOLD Golf Canada membership and must present a validated 2019 Golf Canada membership card/number upon entering the Championship(s) or proof of membership.
  3. If the participant is from outside of Canada and is a member with another golf association/union she/he may enter our event provided they are able to verify their membership with an established handicap index/factor.
  4. Proof of membership may be required at the registration desk prior to start of play in the tournament.  Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
    • Handicap factor must be updated within 15 days of the Championship.
    • The verification method can include the Golf Canada Score Centre or a signed/verified paper copy from the golf course’s Handicap Chair or designate.
    • If you are a Golf Saskatchewan/Golf Canada Member or Public Player Member we will have the ability to verify your handicap factor on the Golf Canada Score Centre.
  5. All tournament entry applications are subject to the approval of the Golf Saskatchewan Tournament Committee.
  6. Rules decisions shall be decided by the Golf Saskatchewan Tournament Rules Committee, and shall be final.
  7. National Championship Quota Spot – Golf Saskatchewan will try to ensure proper representation at a Golf Canada National Championship. Note, this includes limiting the amount of players we will drop down to on the participant list (for instance, not lower than the 15th placed person). *subject to change.
    • Quota spots for nationals are only available for Golf Saskatchewan members only.
    • A person from another province or country is welcome to play but cannot gain entry into Golf Canada’s national championship through our quota spot system.
    • The National Athlete Assistance subsidy guidelines can be read here.

REMINDER: The Golf Saskatchewan Codes of Conduct applies to players & teams attending Regional, National and International Events (sanctioned/conducted by Golf Canada and the like). This is above and beyond the policies and Code of Conduct at the championship being played.