Conducting championships has been one of the CORE services of Golf Saskatchewan dating back to 1908 with the first playing of our Amateur Men’s Championship.  Each year, hundreds of competitors participate in Golf Saskatchewan’s championship schedule.

Competitor Policies  |  TOURNAMENT ENTRY FORM   |  Tournament Guide (Media Guide)  | * Updates for 2020 will be posted soon

All competitors agree to the above policies when she/he enters our championship

NOTES on Back Tees vs Forward Tees categories:

“BACK TEES (formerly the OPEN category)”:
The Back Tee event(s) is for competitors who want to win the overall provincial championship, earn team/quota spots with the goal of competing at Golf Canada’s National Championships. These events will be played at a set of tees (distance) near the full distance of a golf course, as close to national championships standards as possible. Reminder, only Saskatchewan members/residents can earn a Saskatchewan team/quota spot at our championships.

“FORWARD TEES (formerly the CLOSED category)”:
The Forward Tee event(s) are for competition and participation purposes. A player choosing to play from these tee will not have the opportunity to win the overall compete at nationals. She/he choosing to play the shorter set of tees will be eligible for the categorical age prizes and flight prizes, which are determined by the number of entries.

-Example Senior Men’s “BACK TEES” may play at a distance of 6,450 yards where the Senior Men’s “FORWARD TEES” may play at a distance of 6,000 yards.